A Few Best Epilating Methods for You

There are many hair removal methods available in market. It is called Epilation or Depilation. According to the gender, the hair grows on a human body to some specific places. It is necessary to remove some of the unwanted hairs for making yourself presentable. Any one in a corporate sector, film industry etc. understands the importance of look clean. The unwanted hairs not only are unhygienic but also are not good for a person’s look.

As there are many ways to do this so here, we will look into some of the most common epilating or hair removal methods:

Before going directly into the different ways one needs to understand the difference between epilation and depilation. Depilation means removal of hairs from the skin level, which will grow back in several days. Epilation on the other hand means that you remove the hairs from the root to prevent them from growing for several weeks.

  • Shaving or trimming: Shaving is handy when you want to look clean shaved instantly. Any professional would understand the importance of shaving. You can add electric razor or blade razor along with the shaving gel or cream to your grooming kit. Shaving removes the hairs from close to your skin. These hairs grow back in a few days. If you keep a mustache or beard then use of trimmer for styling your beard and mustache is best.
  • Tweezing: Tweezing of small unwanted hairs can be done using a pair of tweezers, fingers etc. In this method hairs are pulled out or tweezed from skin which is not much painful. If it is done in a salon then the professionals can do it with no pain to you and without any reaction to your skin.
  • Epilators: The electric epilators available in market are the best way to remove small hairs from roots. These can help you in getting a smooth skin at home. They are easy to use, compact and very efficient in all the terms. You can get yourself the best Braun epilators to help yourself in removing unwanted hairs from your body. These are designed to work smoothly around the hard to reach areas and curves of the body.
  • Waxing: This is a painful way to remove your hair but in the hands of a professional, this might be the best way. They use a gel to soften the roots of hairs and then the hairs are removed using a waxing paper. Waxing paper is a porous strip, which is pulled quickly like a Band-Aid to removes the hairs. Sometimes the gel used is not good for skin so going to a professional is better way to do it.
  • Threading: This is the most traditional method that has been used since very long time. In threading, a twisted thread catches the unwanted hairs when rolled along the skin. A gel is used to soften and ease the pain.
  • Laser hair removal: This is an advance method and gives long-lasting results. In this method, the growing hairs are removed and thus it gives long-lasting results. Now there are equipments available in market to remove hairs using laser at home.
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