How Portion Control Helps With Weight Loss?

How Portion Control Helps With Weight Loss?

Portion Control and Its Importance For Weight Reduction

What does portion control have to do with weight loss? A lot if you realize how eating large portions can add to weight gain. When you control what you eat by monitoring portion control you will be able to lose weight at a faster pace. Most weight loss success stories are the results of dedicated weight loss plans and portion control is often a part of those plans.

How Portion Control Helps With Weight Loss?

Portion control is about controlling the amount you eat. It has nothing to do with what you eat. The food could be a sinful chocolate cake, but the portion is small, really small. It is not a specially prepared low calorie chocolate cake, but the regular cake that is loaded with sugar, butter, eggs, and cream. Keeping the portion small on your plate will give you the satisfaction of having the real thing, yet keeping the calorie intake low. Step one to portion control is not denying foods.

Generally food implies large servings.  Large portions of food are responsible for all the excess weight that gets added to the body in the form of fat. Avoiding such “large” meals would be doing a favor to your body.

While surrounded in a world that serves large portions, how does one keep their portion small?

Step I: Do not deny yourself food, instead, eat everything in moderation. Keep the portions small.

Step II: Any eatery that advertises “large portions” and “eats all you can” meals should be avoided as they are not going to do any good to you. The taste of really good food can be had in small helpings as well.

Step III: You need to attune yourself to believe that food is a means for sustaining the body. Satisfying cravings is a psychological need. Your body gets sufficient nutrients when the portions are kept small. If the portions are large, they just add up as body fat. Learn to control cravings and eat small portions.

Step IV: Controlling the meal portion cannot be done in a jiffy. It needs time as the body needs to adapt to the new style of eating. Cut down on meal size gradually, reducing the portion each day until you reach a healthy size.

Step V: Savor the food that you eat. Eating slowly and chewing the food well sends the brain a signal that you are full faster than when you are gulping down food as if there is no tomorrow.

How small portions help in weight loss?

Small portion has fewer calories. The body requires a limited number of calories to carry out its daily activities. If food is eaten in large portions the body does not really use it, instead, it converts the food into fat and stores it for use later. Stored fat is the body’s energy reserve. By controlling the food portion you are giving the body limited calories to work on and no scope of storing it for energy for later use. You could also use fat burning sauna waist trainer if you want a qucik and fast result.


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